Domus Mariae School classrooms are spacious and designed to accommodate a capacity of 40 students per class.


Since at Domus Mariae School we encourage the study of sciences throughout the students’ education, we have two modern and well-equipped science laboratories. One is for Physics while the other is for Chemistry and Biology Lab. Our science teachers ensure that these subjects are well covered both theoretically and practically to raise the standard of performance. Students who excel in the examinations are always awarded in order to encourage competition basically with the standards.

Computer Studies

In keeping up with the rapid growth in the global information, communication technology, Domus Mariae School has a modern Computer Laboratory with internet connection that allows students to learn more and be in touch with the rest of the world. All students who pass through Domus Mariae School are expected to be fully computer literate by the time they complete their four-year course.

School Library

Domus Mariae School library is well equipped with variety of books. There are supplementary and reference books including encyclopedias, periodicals, current and old newspapers, magazines and many other informational materials. The desire of the management of the school is to encourage extra self driven independent and critical learning to supplement class work.


The school has separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels are spacious and fully furnished with comfortable beds and mattresses. Sanitary facilities include indoor toilets and showers, and a laundry area for students has also been provided. Our housekeeping department and teachers ensures the students maintain cleanliness.
The school has modern kitchen and dining facilities where students are served while seated in groups of 10 per table.