“Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their lives.” Proverbs, 22:6. Good News Version

Our school observes strict discipline in matters of rules, regulations and conduct of the students in and out of school and lays emphasis on training of both character and personal discipline. The administration goes to great lengths in encouraging students to develop good behavior in and out of school. The parents are expected to co-operate with the school in this noble but most necessary complementary role.

The students are also expected to observe strict discipline in classes, laboratories, during games and other extra curriculum activities whenever they may be taken.

The school management encourages students to adopt a mode of movement like jogging while they change classes to minimize time that may be wasted in between classes, while maintaining silence in respect of other students engaged in class work and studies.

We encourage our students to be responsible and to recognize the opportunities God has provided for them in the school, and to do their best to derive maximum benefits towards their purpose in life. To be educated is a most valuable opportunity each and every student is encouraged to recognize as it will help him/her to be ready for other opportunities God will open in their lives after school.

“The secret for success in life is to be ready for opportunity when it comes.” Benjamin Disraeli.

By doing Voluntary Community service. Each student is encouraged to take initiative and find an institution to work.