Our aim of education is well reflected from our school emblem. “Growing in Knowledge and Wisdom”. We derived this from the gospel according to St. Luke 2:52, which states “Jesus grew both in body and wisdom, gaining favour with God and people”. In our school, we ensure that a young person who goes though our hands develops in all aspects. i. e. Mental and Emotional development, physical development, spiritual development and social development.

Aim of Education
Being a Christian based learning institution; we take teaching and learning process as a responsibility given to us by God. Therefore, we value our students and their holistic needs are our priority. Students from all cultures and creed are welcomed at Domus Mariae School. Currently there are students and staffs that cut across the diverse Kenyan and African cultures. We have students from the wider Eastern Africa region like Southern Sudan, Zambia and neighbouring Uganda.

To remain focused on the aim of the institution, we have highly qualified teachers who work wholeheartedly to our country and the world at large. The Principal, Deputy Principal and entire staff always welcome suggestions and constructive criticism and complains arising in the course of duty. As our aim is to grow in knowledge and wisdom.