We are ready to resume studies, with all recommended structures and measures put in place to curb this rainy season.

What a long holiday it was!! Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of learning, growth, and discovery? We welcome back our students and any other new members willing to join us this year.

As the rainy season sweeps over our city, it brings with it a refreshing change in the atmosphere and a sense of renewal. However, amidst the raindrops and occasional floods, we must also remember the importance of safety and resilience.

The management of the school, during the long holidays, has been working to make the school even better and safer for all our stakeholders. We have done major renovations and repairs in the school, and have greatly improved the facilities in the institution. Students, parents and staff will be happy to realize that facilities in the dormitories, classrooms, offices, kitchen and labs have not only been maintained, but also upgraded. We have had to do a makeover of our computer laboratory and we now boast of a modern laboratory with high-speed Internet connection.

In line with the government directive for schools to put in place safety measures against this floody and rainy season we have ensured that all our facilities are in proper working condition and safe when school programs resume.

The school administration has embraced organic farming. We have also planted over 100 trees, including fruits such as bananas and pawpaws. This will help in supplementing the diet in the school and also giving a hand-on training for our students.